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Why Would Anyone Think Formula 1 Is Better Than NASCAR?

Why isn’t Tony Stewart there? He is a former IRL champion.The cars in NASCAR are harder to set up.So that makes the drivers smarter.If Tony or Robbie Gordon go back to the Indy 500 they will eventually win.I don’t see your boys winning the Daytona 500.That’s even if they qualify.

Asked by:Steve


  1. Matt D says:


  2. DrivinFast31 says:

    They are jealous of the fans NASCAR has and the attention NASCAR gets from the sports news. Their fans and news attention doesn’t amount to what NASCAR’s is.
    Stock car racing rules!!!
    F1 Go Kart racing… well, they ****.

  3. JGO 24 On Fire says:

    first of all i thought we were talking about f-1 not irl. i respect all forms of racing. nascar #1 irl #2 kart #3 f-1 #4 drag #5
    as for tony he’s trying to get the most championships of both irl and cup. he also wants to put his name in the record books with aj foyt and mario andretti for winning both daytona 500 and indy 500. he is pretty good and both forms of racing so its only a matter of time. his only set back is his contract with chevy where he cannot drive honda during indy 500, which is the only competitive engine in irl right now. there hasn’t been another engine to win since the 90′s

    as for robbie gordon…i don’t like to say a driver ***** but he sucks

  4. Winkzz! says:

    Nascar is code for come over to my house and invite friends were going to get drunk to night!

  5. Chris R says:

    NASCAR goes round and round, and round and round, and round and round.

    If you think Nascar is harder to set up, then you do not know much about F1

    More speed, International locations, Smart drivers, variety of track.

  6. nascar&chi-BEARS says:

    In NASCAR there is actual side by side racing…..they dont just follow each other……rubbin is racing and they are not afraid to dent some fenders…..I like both, prefer stock car racin though….definately a lot more fun to watch, more drama. That’s just my opinion.

  7. lilAudrey says:

    You don’t understand, do ya?

  8. hawkeyeman04 says:

    NASCAR is harder then F-1. In F-1, there are about 5 to 6 really good teams and its mostly follow the leader. In NASCAR there are 20-25 really good teams and much more side by side. F-1 draws more fans internationaly because they are international. NASCAR still out rates them X4 in USA on Tv. F-1 likes clean cut drivers with no opinion. NASCAR needs wilde drivers like Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch. F-1′s thrid best driver came to NASCAR because its “A bigger chalenge and I want to race, not follow the leader.” Juan Pablo Montoya.

  9. Joe Phx says:

    Tony Stewart is not in F1 because he does not have a super license. He must get FIA approval before he can drive in F1. When he drove IRL, it was strictly ovals. NASCAR is not harder to set up. What are the variables? Track bar, tire pressure and duct tape. NASCAR only allows 7 open spots for their big race. The IRL opens every spot for “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”. I do watch NASCAR but I enjoy the technology of F1. Open your mind and lay off the Natty Light.

  10. Gregnir says:

    Tony Stewart was IRL champion in what is essentially a spec series – one chassis, one engine and one tire/tyre – and, at the time, all the races were on ovals.
    Mario Andretti, a Formula One world champion won the 1967 Daytona 500; not a single NASCAR driver has ever won a Formula One race.
    Your witness counsel; I rest my case.

  11. I H8 Gordon says:

    Pros and Cons, Pros and Cons!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Happy Harvick says:

    F1 better than NASCAR? Hahaha thats funny.
    Not in any F1 fans dreams. Never, never, never.

  13. rouseybrent says:

    Dumb *** Mario didn’t go to BABY FORMULA ONE until after he won at Daytona when driving indy and usac cars moron. Your witness counselor.
    Plus its a much different race and series than it was in 1967, and BABY FORMULA is still nothing but a go-kart single file line racing.
    None of them can hold a 3400lbs stock car withing inches of each other for 500 miles.
    Bunch of European want a be’s
    To the Joe idiot up there what are the variables? exactly you don’t know so shut up. why can’t you take it from one of your best montoya and listen to what he says as hes been there? Cant take the truth as usual.

  14. mike b says:

    you got me f1 sucks

  15. david g(24 RULES !!!!!) says:

    NASCAR RULES !!!!!! Enough said !!!!!!!

  16. boggs1968 says:

    It takes more to set up a Cup car? That is a good one. Obviously you have just watched maybe one or 2 races didnt like the road courses (just like a lot of Nascar fans complain when the Cup series goes to the Glenn). Ask a Cup crew what difference there is in setting up a car for Daytona and setting one up for the Glenn. Your statement is just plain ignorant.

    The fact is that these are 2 different styles of racing. To disrespect talent just because you do not like the style of racing is assinine. You are just doing the same thing that you say the F1 snobs do. Just as Nascar drivers dont have mass passing and side by side racing, they also do not have to worry about breaking points, making a right hand turn (other that 2 races and pulling into thier pit stop), driving in inclimate weather, courses with hills and blind driving where you do not always see the upcoming track, having to concentrate for more than 1 second to pass an opponent. And if you can’t get excited about about watching an F1 standing start I feel sorry for you.

    I have been to the Grand Prix of Canada 5 times, The Bud at the Glenn , Indy. Pocono, and the United States Grand Prix at Indy. All forms of racing have thier positives and negatives stop comparing and just respect the talent.

    And no one is going to tell me a driver of Michael Schumacher, Nigel Mansell or Ayrton Senna’s caliber could not win in any vehicle you put him in.

    Just because JPM isnt lighting up NASCAR at this point doest mean a thing. It is a different style driving that he needs to get used to. When one current NASCAR driver has the balls to get of a freaking oval and go try F1 and he immediately has success come talk to me.

    The fact that drivers from other circuits test there meddle in NASCAR is a testiment to those drivers who test thier talent on all levels and styles and do not stay in the comfort of thier little stock cars. When one of them gets the balls make the comparisons all you want, but until then respect all the talent, there are good drivers in all the circuits.

  17. nas8caror300 says:

    at least we have passing!! and look at JPM s..they say F! drivers are the best why isnt he leading in NAscar!!

  18. Jack says:

    Wow, how can you even compare the 2 groups of racing? NASSCAR goes in circles, uses carburators, and generally hasnt changed in decades. engines have pushrods, drivers are 2nd and 3rd generation southerners, and the fan base consists of low and middle class people with no college degree.

    Formula One is the pinnacle of technology, with massive budgets and major developments occuring every year. multiple cams, high RPM’s, electronically shifted gearboxes, on and on. the aerodynamic budgets alone exceed what NASSCAR teams spend on their whole program.

    NASSCAR is so popular because Americans are by and large stupid and lazy. Do you think people from the rest of the world sit around and watch cars drive in circles for hours? They think our “Stock Car Racing” is a farce, and they’re right. it’s an advertising medium designed to sell T-shirts and cheap plastic trinkets to a market that decides what beer to drink based on the NASSCAR sticker on the front. why do you think there is an endorsement on everything from oil filters to energy drinks?

    Wake up and get a clue folks, your being taken for the beer-guzzling fools you are.

  19. Shawn G says:

    NASCAR is the fastest growing event anywhere, its the story line fans. This event each week grips us all and we eat it all up. Tony’s temper and blasting of everybody, the Busch’s constant war. Gordon’s domination. Each week we see the stories develop and I am telling you they are great. Tony, who I loss no sleep saying, is a loud mouth back woods city boy. That said he can drive if only he could control his anger or arrogance on the track. Busch needed to be fined, the hit in the pit could of hurt the crew and it does show the wrong message to the viewers. Granted the mustache dude is looking down from his glowing #3 and wondering why the fine is so high, its just a little tap. NASCAR every week is full of Jimmie fighting for position with Gordon , And Martin is coming fast can Labonte hold the line. Its the greatest show in any arena. The Superbowl blows, NBA finals I have slept through and American idol? I sometimes watch. NASCAR is the event and let the stories flow and let the drivers squawk.

    NASCAR all the way Baby

  20. Obes A Lot says:

    Indie Cars aren’t formula one. They are a different series. I love both series. Right now NASCAR is where the money is at. There is a huge audience for NASCAR here in the states. However, the folks in F1 thumb their noses at the Indie series and the Champcar series.

    Tony and Robby are definitely talented drivers, and will race anything with wheels. And as Stewart eluded to earlier this season, he will probably retire from NASCAR at some point because all the extra requirement keep it from being fun.

    Guys like Stewart, Schrader, and even Edwards race for the love of racing, and will race anywhere on anything.

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